Re: what combining diacritical mark suits d and l with stroke ?

From: Kenneth Whistler (
Date: Tue Jun 29 2004 - 17:15:05 CDT

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    > I like to use the decomposed version of Unicode characters –, ū, £ and
    > ≥ (U+0110, U+0111, U+0141 and U+0142).
    > For example, d followed by a combining_diacritical_mark should generate
    > ū (d with stroke).
    > What combining_diacritical_mark should be used for this case ?

    As Michael and Clark indicated, these barred letters do not
    have decompositions into base letters plus diacritics.
    (Another way of saying that formally is that the letter
    is already fully decomposed.)

    Perhaps it would help if you indicated why you are looking for
    versions of these letters using combining diacritical marks.

    If the issue is weighting the letters for sorting, so that
    they sort as a type of d or a type of l, then that can be
    accomplished by the appropriate tailoring of a collation
    weighting table, and does not require an actual decomposition
    of the character itself.


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