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From: Patrick Andries (
Date: Wed Jun 30 2004 - 16:14:44 CDT

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    Donald Z. Osborn a écrit :

    >And a lot more yet... In some parts of the world that could benefit most from
    >actively working Unicode, such as much of Africa, there is still relatively
    >little knowledge of it. Even among techies.
    >In fact, there is still an undercurrent of dissatisfaction among some who know
    >something about Unicode with aspects of how it provides for some African
    >character needs. I was reminded of this by a letter I received not long ago
    >from someone who attended a recent colloquium on ICT in Ouagadougou.
    >Within the last year some of us began discussing possible conferences,
    >workshops, training modules, or a "road show" on Unicode in Africa and perhaps
    >other regions.
    Yes, we did and this in a language understood in the given country. I'm
    not sure a series of workshops in English in French-speaking Africa is
    for instance a good thing.

    A series of workshops (in French, Arabic or Berber) is planned for
    Morocco later this year on this subject (Unicode, multilingual documents
    and font technology).

    P. A.

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