Need CJK IME/FEP for embedded application

From: Bruce De Vries (
Date: Thu Aug 05 2004 - 18:55:47 CDT

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    We are in the process of developing a voice controlled home automation
    system with a 640 x 480 color touch screen. The code is written in C++ and
    we currently are not using an operating system.
    The processor is a 16 bit microcontroller running at 40 MHz. The Seimens
    Thompson ST10F269. Our client wants to sell the product
    worldwide and we are looking for a suitable CJK IME. So far without much
    luck. We have part of the product developed using an on screen keyboard
    that supports English. We plan to purchase a font library that supports
    CJK with Unicode input from Yoon Design. Traditional and Simplified Chinese
    language support is needed with sufficient vocabulary to display the
    information in a white and yellow page telephone directory. The Japanese
    and Korean languages need similar support. Can anyone recommend a supplier
    of a IME/FEP that will suit our needs? Thank you. Note I am using Choice
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