valid characters in user names- esp. compatibility characters

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Date: Wed Aug 11 2004 - 20:29:22 CDT

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    1) I am looking at a set of legacy applications that would like to extend user
    IDs to support international characters.
    It is not possible to update all of the applications simultaneously to fully
    support unicode, so I am considering an algorithmic mapping of the
    international IDs to an ASCII-based encoding and a layering similar to how
    domain names were extended to be international.

    However, I am curious as to whether some Users might read/write their names
    using compatibility characters (esp. in ideographic markets) and object to the
    characters being normalized through nfkc. I thought it might be like someone
    spelling their name incorrectly. I don't know enough about ideographic names or
    the compat. characters to evaluate if it would be perceived as a problem by
    users. If any CJK experts would comment on this, it would be appreciated.

    2) I am also getting questions about the robustness and stability of the GNU
    libidn implementations of stringprep and punycode which are being considered. I
    would be glad to hear privately if you have used them and what your experience


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