Re: Script vs Writing System

From: Jungshik Shin (
Date: Fri Aug 13 2004 - 00:39:24 CDT

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    Peter Constable wrote:

    I'm sorry to resurrect an old thread.

    >>>Featural Syllabaries: Ethiopic, Canadian Aboriginal Syllabics,
    > Hangul

    > I think your concern might be addressed (at least in part) if we
    > described Hangul as a (featural) alphasyllabary. I think that label is
    > appropriate because the structural elements are alphabetic, and (when

       Yes, it seems to be appropriate. A lot better than just classifying
    it as a (featural) syllabary.

    > not written linearly) they are arranged structurally into units
    > corresponding to syllables. (Which is consistent, I think, with Bright's
    > usage of the term.) And I'm willing to add the qualification "featural"
    > for those who think the metaphorical aspect of the shapes of a few of
    > the jamos is really important.

    I was under the (wrong?) impression that 'featural' can be used to
    describe (among other things) a characteristic of Hangul (and other
    scripts as well) by which letters representing similarly sounding
    phonems have similar shapes. For instance, k (ㄱ) and k' (ㅋ) have
    similar shapes because k' (ㅋ) is an aspirated k(ㄱ). The same holds
    true for other pairs (t (ㄷ)/t'(ㅌ), p(ㅂ)/p'(ㅍ) ). Perhaps, with a
    little stretch, virtually all scripts can be said to have this


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