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From: Martin Duerst (
Date: Sun Aug 15 2004 - 21:28:19 CDT

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    Dear Unicoders,

    Some of you may be interested in this:

    After discussion with Chris Newman, author of the Internet Draft,
    we have created a new mailing list,,
    for discussion (and hopefully completion) of this work on identifiers
    for collations. This mailing list replaces an earlier one hosted at
    a different place.

    If you want to contribute or are interested in this work, please
    subscribe by sending mail to
    (capitalization irrelevant) with "subscribe" (without the quotes)
    in the subject. The archives of this mailing list can be found at,
    and are publicly accessible.

    I expect discussion to begin no earlier than Monday, August 23, to
    allow everybody interested to subscribe.

    Regards, Martin.

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