Re: valid characters in user names- esp. compatibility characters

From: Tex Texin (
Date: Tue Aug 17 2004 - 01:20:54 CDT

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    Can you elaborate on this a bit? Which is the problem you see, with respect to
    user names and also how will the IVS help the situation? I would think there
    would be some stability issues as well...

    If you can point me to a thread or spec that addresses what you are refering to
    that will be sufficient.
    I know a bit about the IVS, I just want to be clear on how you see it bearing
    on this.

    (I am traveling so my ability to respond is limited.)

    Eric Muller wrote:
    > Tex Texin wrote:
    > >However, I am curious as to whether some Users might read/write their names
    > >using compatibility characters (esp. in ideographic markets) and object to the
    > >characters being normalized through nfkc.
    > >
    > There is a further problem there, because the CJK compatibility
    > characters have a *canonical* decomposition. The UTC is working on some
    > scheme for Ideographic Variation Sequences, and the intent is to use
    > that to solve the canonical equivalence problem.
    > Eric.

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