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Date: Fri Aug 20 2004 - 23:51:57 CDT

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    Jungshik Shin scripsit:

    > As is often the case, Unicode experts are not necessarily experts on
    > 'legacy' character sets and encodings. The 'official' name of 'ASCII' is
    > ANSI X3.4-1968 or ISO 646 (US). While dispelling myths about Unicode,
    > I'm afraid you're spreading misinformation about what came before it.
    > The sentence that 'ANSI pushed this scope ... represents 256 characters'
    > is misleading. ANSI has nothing to do with various single, double,
    > triple byte character sets that make up single and multibyte character
    > encodings. They're devised and published by national and international
    > standard organizations as well as various vendors. Perhaps, you'd better
    > just get rid of the sentence 'ANSI pushed ... providing backward
    > compatibility with ASCII'.

    Like it or not, "ANSI" has two meanings now: the American National
    Standards Institute and a generic term for an 8-bit Windows codepage.
    Similarly, "OEM" means both an original equipment manufacturer and an
    8-bit PC-DOS codepage.

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