Mystery of Circled S solved

From: Jörg Knappen (
Date: Sun Aug 22 2004 - 14:09:21 CDT

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    Dear Unicoders, hallo Barbara

    I finally solved the mystery of the circled S which has found its way to
    the AMS math fonts. It is indentified as a letterlike symbol still missing
    from UNicode:


    looks like: S in a circle

    meaning: A protected crop variety (there is a special protection
    of crop varieties in germany and now also in EU. In german it is called
    Sortenschutz and the registration agency is the Bundessortenamt)

    usage: current, in mail order garden catalogues. It is often used together
    with the registered sign.

    In the following links you can see it:
    (from the catalogue of Ahrens + Sieberz, Spring 2004, page 58)
    (from the catalogue of Gaertner Poetschke, Wundervolle Gartenwelt, Autumn

    The latter example shows a variety which is both GESCHUETZE SORTE and

    For the design, I suggest to use a non-superscript version, following the
    design of the registered sign.

    How it came to be included in the AMS fonts is still a mystery, since no
    mathematical use of it is known to me.


    J"org Knappen

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