Re: Public Review Issues Update

From: Jörg Knappen (
Date: Fri Aug 27 2004 - 13:07:46 CDT

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    >40 Encoding of Latin Capital and Small Letter "At"
    >LATIN CAPITAL LETTER AT and LATIN SMALL LETTER AT are used as orthographic
    >characters in the Koalib language of Sudan. Although similar in appearance
    >to COMMERCIAL AT, LATIN SMALL LETTER AT should have different character
    >properties. The main concern is the similarity in appearance of LATIN
    >SMALL LETTER AT to COMMERCIAL AT. There are potential implications for
    >Internet protocols that use "@".

    I have read the short proposal and my answer is YES, of course, the UTC
    should accept these two characters. Keeping LATIN SMALL LETTER AT and
    COMMERCIAL AT separate will keep internet protocolls sane. Unifying
    the two will cause potential damage depending on the locale (guess of
    @ being capitalized and mapped to something strange ...)

    --J"org Knappen

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