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From: Jörg Knappen (
Date: Mon Aug 30 2004 - 12:24:16 CDT

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    Philippe Verdy frug:

    > As a subsidiary question, are there languages that make a distinction
    > between the one-eye and two-eyes forms of lowercase letter a (U+0061)?
    > If so, how is their uppercase versions ?

    I think, the one-eye a is latin letter alpha (lowercase already in
    UNicode) and two-eyes a the usual latin a as in Times Roman.

    The distinction between the two letters is provided by several versions of
    the African Reference Alphabet (ARA), but I don't know any language
    employing it in its orthography. I have seen two uppercase versions of it:

    a) Looks like turned capital U with bar. This form goes back to Pitmann's
    phonographic alphabet.

    b) Looks like OC ligature. This form I have found in printed versions of
    the African Reference Alphabet. In this version, the lowercase latin alpha
    also looks almost like a oc ligature.

    --J"org Knappen

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