Re: Public Review Issue: UAX #24 Proposed Update

From: Andrew C. West (
Date: Thu Sep 09 2004 - 08:20:47 CDT

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    On Thu, 9 Sep 2004 07:29:20 -0400, John Cowan wrote:
    > Jony Rosenne scripsit:
    > > The UTC refused to add Yiddish to the name, unlike the other Yiddish
    > > specialties, and I am not aware of any other possibility.
    > Why should it? Incorporating a language name into a character name,
    > as in ABKHASIAN CHE and KHAKASSIAN CHE, is done because those languages
    > have a letter named CHE distinct from the more usual, cross-linguistic
    > Cyrillic CHE. There is no such contrast in this case: we do not speak of

    And indeed the Character Naming Guidelines specifically prohibit the
    non-essential incorporation of a language name into a character name :

    "In principle when a character of a given script is used in more than one
    language, no language name is specified. Exceptions are tolerated where an
    ambiguity would otherwise result." [N2652R Annex L Rule 9]

    The usage of the language name "Yiddish" in 05F0..05F2 and FB1F contravenes this
    rule, but these characters were inherited from Unicode 1.0, long before the rule
    came into force.


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