RE: [BULK] - Re: markup on combining characters

From: Asmus Freytag (
Date: Thu Sep 09 2004 - 14:39:47 CDT

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    At 11:06 AM 9/9/2004, Mike Ayers wrote:
    >how to color parts of characters, is out of scope.

    A given diacritic can be a part of a character's glyph,
    but _combining characters_ are characters, not merely part
    of characters.

    Therefore, in principle, the question of how to encode text
    streams that contain markup relevant to these characters is
    at the intersection of Unicode and markup languages.

    Like the other issues in
    it's not entirely outside the scope of the UTC to help settle
    (if not actually define) best practices.

    On the other hand, all aspects to *coloring* of characters
    do not belong in the plain text stream - but that was not
    the question.

    I think suggested solutions that define markup that apply to
    combining characters but place that markup outside of the
    combining sequence would be a better answer than protocols
    trying to put markup inside the combining character sequence.

    My personal take is that the UTC might make a recommendation
    to that effect, but it's not part of the standard proper.
    It's not clear that the issue has practical urgency - if
    I should be mistaken on that, I'd like to find out how and why.


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