Questions about diacritics

From: Gerd Schumacher (
Date: Fri Sep 10 2004 - 18:20:46 CDT

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    Questions about diacritics

    1. Combinations with the double (wide) macron

    I found an acute as well as a breve over the double macron, which is used by
    Latinitics. Simple diacritics stacking might not be allowed in this case,
    because the double macron got a higher combining class than both of the
    other diacritics. It does work well with OpenType, but I fear, it is not
    If no, should there be used the CGJ for combining “normal” diacritics with
    the double wide ones? The normal behaviour of the CGJ between diacritics
    would not make any sense here.

    2. Another invisible diacritics carrier

    I also found an acute on diphtongs, placed on the boundary of both letters
    (au, ei, eu, oe, and ui). These graphemes are also used by Latinistics.
    for sure such diacritics placing on diagraphs would be useful in more cases
    than this particular one. For example IPA tone contour marks, and the
    proposed zigzag above, if applied to diagraphs would be placed best that
    way. At least I am going to do so in a grammer.
    Such diacritics placing would also be very welcome by some paleographers, I
    In my opinion there should be a universal solution, which can be handled
    easily. A nonspacing diacritics carrier would be the best solution. Are
    there any serious arguments against such a proposal?

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