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Date: Mon Sep 13 2004 - 11:00:18 CDT

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    On 13/09/2004 15:45, Philippe Verdy wrote:

    > From: "Gerd Schumacher" <>
    >> 2. Another invisible diacritics carrier
    >> I also found an acute on diphtongs, placed on the boundary of both
    >> letters
    >> (au, ei, eu, oe, and ui).
    > Wouldn't such diacritic be hold by the currently proposed invisible
    > base character (in the Public Review section of the Unicode website),
    > by encoding for example:
    > a,INVISIBLE LETTER,combining acute,u
    > If you think there's a grapheme cluster here, I suggest using ZWJ to
    > attach the three default grapheme clusters:
    > a,ZWJ,INVISIBLE LETTER,combining acute,ZWJ,u
    > to create a kerning ligature between the two vowels.
    Surely the intention is for <INVISIBLE LETTER, combining acute> to be
    equivalent (although it cannot be canonically equivalent) to spacing
    acute, U+00B4? But then would this kind of ligature mechanism with ZWNJ
    and U+00B4 be appropriate? I would think not.

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