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Date: Sat Sep 18 2004 - 08:01:15 CDT

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    I understand. Should have put my question less bluntly? I belong to a
    group some of whose members seem to be able to make just about anything
    run on anything, no thanks to me, so I assumed the same expertise to be
    available within Unicode, only to have some volunteer(s) from within the
    ranks of UC offer to do that service for Asmus, if appropriate. Sorry if
    that was a wrong assumption, or an untimely suggestion, and my thanks to
    all who responded to my msg helpfully.

    Scríobh Kenneth Whistler:
    > Philippe waxed lyrical about the advantages of platform-independent
    > development:
    > > Isn't Java hiding most of these platform details, by providing unified
    > > support for platform-specific look and feel? Aren't there now many PLAF and
    > > themes manager available with automatic default selection of the look and
    > > feel of each platform?
    > > Aren't there enough system properties in these development tools so that the
    > > application can simply consult these properties to autoadapt to the platform
    > > differences?
    > ...
    > > It's certainly not easy, and there are tons of options, but writing a system
    > > wrapper once avoids many customer support costs later when a customer is
    > > furious of having paid for a product that does not work on his host.
    > etc. etc.
    > Which all completely misses the point that Unibook 4.0.1 is
    > written by *one* person, who is not a Java developer, who works
    > specifically on the Windows platform, who wrote the application
    > making tons of specific Windows calls, and targetted it at
    > the Windows platform.
    > However much you might want all software to be platform independent,
    > and run equally well on Windows*, Mac OS, Un*x, and anything else
    > you might care to indulge in, that isn't going to make *Asmus*
    > write a system wrapper for Unibook 4.0.1 or rewrite the program to
    > port it to a PLAF and themes manager.
    > Anyone who wants Unibook for Mac or Unibook for Unix is free to
    > take the concept and go off and write it in your spare time. And
    > if you architect it with a platform-independent system wrapper,
    > so much the better.
    > And since Unibook is "available free of charge for downloading"
    > I don't think that customers will be too furious for having paid
    > for a product that does not work on their host.
    > --Ken

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