Re: Saudi-Arabian Copyright sign

From: Jörg Knappen (
Date: Mon Sep 20 2004 - 12:37:18 CDT

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    Doug Ewell schrieb:

    > I'm not aware of any, but I see this U+20DD solution mentioned from time
    > to time, as though it were a well-known alternative to encoding things
    > like Warenzeichen or Gesch#tzte Sorte.

    I see a precedent in Unicode to treat Copyright-like sign differently from
    simple encircled letters:

    Unicode takes precautions not to encode the same character twice.
    Therefore, superscript digits 2 and 3 are absent from the superscript
    block U+2070 ff.

    However, the Block eclosed alphanumerics U+2460 ff includes encircled
    capital latin letters C, P, and R in addition to the copyright-like sing

    --J"org Knappen

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