RE: bit notation in ISO-8859-x is wrong

From: Kent Karlsson (
Date: Mon Oct 11 2004 - 08:39:56 CST

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    > Not counting from zero leads to weird situations at times, such
    > as the missing year 0 in the BC/AD system ;-)

    Well, since you couldn't resist, nor can I...

    There are (really) two systems here, not one, and the relationship is:

            year X AD = year (1-X) BC

    (and thus: year X BC = year (1-X) AD)

    Both of the AD and BC systems (really) have zero and negative year
    numbers, but in each instance one prefers to use the system where
    the number, for the year in question, has a strictly positive value.
    So there is no inconsistency with the whole numbers... ;-)

                    /kent k

    > A./

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