Luiseño Character "S WITH STROKE"

From: Chris Harvey (
Date: Thu Oct 14 2004 - 13:21:27 CST

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    I am currently working with the Pechanga Nation and the company,
    IconNicholson. The standard orthography of the Luiseño language, spoken at
    Pechanga and several other communities in Southern California, requires
    two characters which I believe are currently absent from Unicode.

    The characters are "majuscule S with a diagonal stroke", and "minuscule s
    with a diagonal stroke". This letter is used to represent a voiceless
    retroflex fricative, which is distinct from the alveolar fricative "s" and
    the palato-alveolar "sh".

    Please see:

    We have written up a formal proposal for the addition of these characters,
    which I would like to submit after hearing the comments of the people on
    this list.


    Chris Harvey

    Gwlad heb iaith, gwlad heb galon

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