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    > Of E. Keown

    > >No, the decisions regarding the characters above
    > >have already been made:
    > >WG2 approved these characters at their June meeting,
    > I don't understand. In theory the standards world is
    > international and has *some* checks and balances---far
    > fewer, it would seem, since about 1988.
    > Do these 31 member countries ballot electronically or
    > not?

    The ISO process has not changed in this regard. There are letter ballots
    (handled by snail mail or by email), and votes taken at meetings (those
    meetings being announced in advance). Countries can choose to attend
    meetings or not, and can choose to respond to the letter ballots or not.

    As I explained, JTC1/SC2/WG2 met in June and voted to approve the
    addition of those two characters in Amd1. In more detail, a national
    body had commented in a letter ballot on the previous draft that these
    two characters should be added, the editor proposed to respond to those
    comments by adding the two characters, and the national bodies
    represented at the WG2 meeting voted to approve that disposition of
    those comments. After WG2 reviewed all of the comments and voted on how
    they should be resolved, SC/2 in their plenary meeting endorsed the
    resolution of comments. Procedurally, this is all well-established

    Based on the approved resolution of comments, the editor prepares a new
    draft that is distributed for letter ballot. This will be sent to
    participating and observing countries, all of whom may submit comments,
    but only the former will be sent ballots for voting. Again, this is all
    following long-established ISO process.

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