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Date: Thu Oct 21 2004 - 14:42:04 CST

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    Dean Snyder schrieb:
    >>For Semitics at least, this is *not* a "left quotation mark"; people
    >>normally use a left half ring wherever the character is available.
    > The following is a small and quickly generated sample list of
    > publications in which transliterated Semitic ayins are represented by
    > left single quotation marks (and alephs are represented by right single
    > quotation marks):

    For Semitics, it could have something to do with what side of the
    Atlantic you're on... Library of Congress transliteration [1] uses
    apostrophes (according with their general tendency to use as little
    diacritics as possible), the DMG advocates half rings at least for
    Arabic, see [2]. French practice in most works I've got here is to use
    half ring; I've got one French work [3] where superscript lowercase
    epsilon is used.



    [2] Brockelmann, Carl et al. (eds.) 1935, Die Transliteration der
    arabischen Schrift in ihrer Anwendung auf die Hauptliteratursprachen der
    islamischen Welt. Denkschrift dem 19. internationalen
    Orientalistenkongre▀ in Rom. Leipzig: Brockhaus.

    [3] Cantineau, Jean 1960, Cours de phonetique arabie, Paris: Klincksieck

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