[OT] Uniscribe in Windows XP SP2

From: Rick Cameron (Rick.Cameron@businessobjects.com)
Date: Fri Oct 29 2004 - 09:54:21 CST

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    I apologise to those who have no interest in Uniscribe, but I'm posting this
    question here because I know there are people on the list who know about
    Uniscribe, and I don't know of any other forum where I can ask questions
    about it.

    We have an application that uses Uniscribe for text layout. It works fine on
    Windows XP Gold and SP1, using the versions of Uniscribe bundled with those
    OSs. When the application is run on XP SP2, justified text doesn't look
    right: letters overlap, for example.

    Apparently this app uses a mix of Win32 calls and Uniscribe. I believe it
    measures text using a Win32 call, then uses that information to adjust the
    position of runs created with Uniscribe. I think it would be better to use
    Uniscribe consistently - but nonetheless, this approach worked with previous
    versions of Windows.

    Are you aware of any change in Uniscribe in XP SP2 - of in the behaviour of
    the Win32 functions like GetTextExtent - that might account for this


    - rick cameron

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