Re: basic-hebrew RtL-space ?

From: fantasai (
Date: Sat Oct 30 2004 - 22:05:44 CST

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    kefas wrote:
    > Inserting unicode/basic-hebrew reults in a convinient
    > RtL, right-to-left, advance of the cursor, but the
    > space-character jumps to the far right. Is there a
    > RtL-space?
    > In MS-Word and OpenOffice I can only change whole
    > paragraphs to RtL-entry. But quoting just a few
    > words in hebrew WITHIN a paragraph would be helpful to
    > many.
    > Related: The other Hebrew characters in the alphabetic
    > presentation forms insert themselves in LtR-fashion?
    > Why this difference?
    > I read about Logical and Visual entry, but don't see
    > how that answers my 2 questions above.

    If you're going to quote an rtl phrase in an ltr context,
    you want to use an embedding. In plaintext, this would
    mean putting an RLE (U+202B) character before the phrase
    and a PDF (U+202C)after it. (In HTML, you'd enclose the
    text in an element and set its 'dir' attribute to 'rtl'.)

    I don't know how to access those characters from the
    word processor menus, though.



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