Re: Looking for a C library that converts UTF-8 strings from their decomposed to pre-composed form

From: Markus Scherer (
Date: Tue Nov 09 2004 - 12:21:45 CST

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    Deborah is right, and I am sorry. I did not read the email carefully.

    ICU works on Solaris and provides normalization APIs. As usual for processing, it works on UTF-16
    strings. ICU also has charset converters and dedicated functions like u_strFromUTF8() and u_strToUTF8().

    See also


    Deborah Goldsmith wrote:
    > I think he's saying he wants to convert to NFC *from* Mac OS X data, in
    > which case the fact that Mac OS X's file system normalization is not
    > strict NFD doesn't really matter. Also, he says he's running on Solaris,
    > which would make it a tad difficult to call a Mac OS X API. ICU should
    > do the trick.
    >> Tay, William wrote:
    >>> Is there any C library available that converts the decomposed UTF-8 byte
    >>> streams into the pre-composed equivalent?

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