Public Review Items

From: Mark Davis (
Date: Tue Nov 09 2004 - 14:07:30 CST

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    While it is hard to drag people away from the fascinating discussion about
    Phoe-nician (I'm throwing in a hyphen in to get past those mailers set to
    chuck any message containing that word), I want to remind people of the
    public review items that will be discussed at the UTC meeting next week.

    There are some particularly controversial ones, and if you want your voice
    to be heard on the topic (pro or con), you should make sure that you follow
    the instructions for providing feedback. There are items that affect:

    - changes in the default collation of Latin, which would affect how text is
    sorted, searched, and matched
    - whether an at-sign "letter" is encoded
    - security issues for Unicode
    - whether we need an additional base for combining marks (beyond NBSP)
    - whether we should change some bidi categories, and how to define
    directional runs
    - character properties for Japanese
    plus many others


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