Re: Unicode & IDNs

From: Cary Karp (
Date: Wed Nov 10 2004 - 02:55:37 CST

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    Quoting Don Osborn:

    > I had an inquiry about use of Unicode in Internationalization of Domain
    > Names in Africa (it will be a topic at the ICANN conference in Cape Town
    > next month). Is anyone aware of URLs that use extended Latin characters
    > as examples? I'm looking for examples especially but not necessarily only
    > for African languages.

    I only recently joined the list and was not aware of
    its sibling until the message quoted above was
    cross-posted. (I don't know how the list server manages cc's to multiple
    lists and apologize if the present message lands twice in anyones mailbox.)

    I am responsible for the .museum TLD, in which extensive IDN support is being
    developed. Information about this is available at
    Following the link to the "sample IDN application" near the bottom of that
    page will lead to a list of IDN URLs in a range of scripts.

    There is a further link to a presentation of this at the IDN workshop held
    at the most recent ICANN meeting in Kuala Lumpur. I'm also involved in
    preparation for the IDN workshop at the coming ICANN meeting in Cape Town
    and would be pleased to discuss applications of IDN in the management of
    heritage associated with African languages, both with specific regard to
    that event and generally. I am equally interested in the broader utility of
    Unicode for enhancing the museum community's presence on the Internet and
    would be delighted to discuss all aspects of this matter, including the
    fullest possible cultivation of IDN in the .museum domain, both on and off
    this list.


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