Re: Opinions on this Java URL?

From: Norbert Lindenberg (Norbert.Lindenberg@Sun.COM)
Date: Mon Nov 15 2004 - 12:20:31 CST

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    Thank you for your feedback. Adding a warning to the description in
    DataInput sounds like a good idea. In the meantime, if somebody wants
    to use modified UTF-8 outside the Java context, please point them to

    Unfortunately, since this encoding is widely used within the Java
    context, we can not deprecate it.

    Best regards,
    Java Internationalization

    Theodore H. Smith wrote:

    > I take your point that you are well aware of this. However some of your
    > users are not so aware, having read your information on "Modified
    > UTF-8" and thinking "hey, well is Sun do it, then it must be OK for me
    > to do it too!"
    > This thread, was inspired by exactly that. Someone point me to this
    > page, using it as "proof" that modified UTF-8 is an acceptable thing to
    > do.
    > While you are well aware, the users aren't. I think it would be a good
    > idea to add a small note saying that this feature is going to be
    > changed in future versions of Java, or perhaps Deprecated, due to its
    > incompatibility. Just a small note, on that page and similar pages,
    > with the phrase "This will be deprecated in the future because it
    > currently contradicts the standard behaviour"... that would make a
    > *huge* difference.
    > That aside.
    > I'm just curious about the \0 thing. What problems would having a \0 in
    > UTF-8 present, that are not presented by having \0 in ASCII? I can't
    > see any advantage there.
    > The only advantage I can imagine, would be using UTF-8 for storing \0
    > in places that previously weren't possible. To me, that sounds like a
    > strange way to add a feature.
    > On 12 Nov 2004, at 23:58, A. Vine wrote:
    >> FYI, we are well aware of this shortcoming (modified UTF-8), and with
    >> each release try to mitigate it even further. The problem is that it
    >> is so deep in the code (note that it is since Java 1.0) that it is
    >> not easy to eliminate without breaking a lot of existing stuff,
    >> something that the Java team strive to avoid.
    >> Theodore H. Smith wrote:
    >>> DataInput.html#modified-utf-8
    >>> If only people could sue for suggesting bad coding practices ;o)
    >>> --
    >>> Theodore H. Smith - Software Developer.

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