Re: Opinions on this Java URL?

From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Mon Nov 15 2004 - 15:45:30 CST

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    From: "Christopher Fynn" <>
    > Isn't it already deprecated? The URL that started this thread
    > <>
    > is marked as part of the "Deprecated API"

    Deprecated does not mean that it is not used. This interface remains
    accessible when working with internal class file format. I don't understand
    however why the storage format of the string constants pool was not changed
    when the class format was updated in Java 1.5

    (Classes compiled for Java 1.5 won't run on previous versions of Java, due
    to the addition of new class interface elements like annotations, and
    generics, however classes that don't use these new features can still be
    compiled in Java 1.5 for compatibility with Java 1.4 and lower, and they
    will still run in Java 1.5; this means that Java 1.5 still needs to
    recognize the legacy class format that uses the modified UTF serialization
    of the String constants pool; as Java 1.4.1 also introduced the support for
    supplementary characters, it may have been useful that Sun changed at the
    same time its "modified UTF" encoding in classes to encode supplementary
    characters as 4 bytes if possible, when they are represented in the String
    instance as a valid surrogate pair, instead of 6 bytes today with the
    separate encoding of surrogates, to optimize the size of the String
    constants pool containing them; I don't know if this has been done in the
    new compact distribution format that replaces the legacy Zipped JAR format).

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