Re: Opinions on this Java URL?

From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Mon Nov 15 2004 - 17:44:41 CST

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    > From: "Christopher Fynn" <>
    >> Isn't it already deprecated? The URL that started this thread
    >> <>
    >> is marked as part of the "Deprecated API"
    I rechecked the Java 1.5 documentation, and thanks it's *not* deprecated!
    Only the readLine() method of ObjectInputStream is deprecated...
    Look at:
    And at:
    And you'll see how deprecated methods are indicated, just within the most
    relevant element description.

    You're confused by the link at the top and bottom of page that allows
    accessing to the list of deprecated classes, exceptions, interfaces,
    methods, constructors and fields.

    Java needs the and DataOutput for its support of class
    files and JNI, and for generic serialization of String instances (which are
    not necessarily containing plain text as someone correctly pointed here)...

    Deprecation is indicated in Java by a special attribute in the source
    comments, or since Java 1.5 with annotations accessible at run-time through

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