Re: [increasingly OT--but it's Saturday night] Re: Unicode HTML, download

From: Christopher Fynn (
Date: Sun Nov 21 2004 - 06:35:11 CST

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    Doug Ewell wrote:

    > Beyond that, you might want to specify a font family using CSS (doesn't
    > have to be in a separate CSS file, either) to improve the odds that the
    > reader will see Hebrew instead of hollow boxes, but this is optional.

    While we are on the (off) topic of HTML, browsers etc. ....

    I've noticed, that with Windows and IE, - when going to a page with
    characters for a script for which fonts are not installed my system, IE
    will sometimes ask whether or not I want to download & install fonts for
    that script from Microsoft's web site.
    This only happens in some cases - even where the same script is
    involved. I've looked the source of some of these pages but I've never
    been able to identify just what what triggers this. Does anyone know?

    - Chris

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