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Date: Sun Nov 21 2004 - 16:57:34 CST

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    On 21/11/2004 17:35, Doug Ewell wrote:

    > ...
    >This approach will destroy searching capabilities, and will not ensure
    >proper rendering in any event. The user who has Miriam but not Ezra SIL
    >(or vice versa) will see some Hebrew text rendered properly and some
    >improperly, for no apparent reason. ...

    Not true of Ezra SIL, only of SIL Ezra. Sorry to keep repeating myself,
    but these errors keep being perpetuated.


    >(b) code the whole page in the legacy encoding, and provide a link to
    >Ezra SIL.

    Ezra SIL does not use a legacy encoding, it is a Unicode font.

    Later, Doug wrote:

    >This makes things a little clearer: Philippe's bad advice to mix
    >encodings was based on bad information, that doing so would be
    I had already corrected the bad information, and Philippe quoted my
    correction. He simply failed to recognise that "SIL Ezra" != "Ezra SIL".
    Not my choice of naming conventions, but it is consistent with several
    SIL fonts: SIL xxx is a legacy encoded version, xxx SIL is the Unicode
    version of it.

    Philippe wrote:

    > two SIL related fonts: one with legacy encoding (handled in browsers
    > as if it was ISO-8859-1 encoded, so that you need to insert text in
    > the HTML page using only the code points in the Latin-1 page starting
    > at U+0000, even though they do not represent the correct Unicode
    > characters) ...

    More bad information. As I already wrote, SIL Ezra is encoded in the PUA
    and not "as if it was ISO-8859-1 encoded". So this technique will not work.

    > Mixing SIL Ezra with Arial, or similar Unicode encoded fonts will
    > never produce the intended fallbacks if users don't have SIL Ezra
    > effectively installed and selectable in their browser environment.

    Mixing SIL Ezra with Arial, or similar Unicode encoded fonts, is A BAD
    THING. Period. Don't even think of trying it, especially in HTML.
    Instead, use Ezra SIL. And use Times New Roman rather than Arial as the
    fallback because it looks much more similar - or David, which is less
    similar but gives better results.

    Peter Kirk (personal) (work)

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