Re: My Querry

From: Kenneth Whistler (
Date: Tue Nov 23 2004 - 12:28:54 CST

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    Harshal Trivedi asked:

    > How can i make sure that UTF-8 format string has terminated while
    > encoding it, as compared to C program string which ends with '\0'
    > (NULL) character?

    You don't need to do anything special at all when using UTF-8
    in C programs, as far as string termination goes. UTF-8 strings
    work just like ASCII strings or Latin-1 strings or Code Page
    1252 strings or SJIS strings in terms of termination with a NULL
    character for C string processing.

    > -> Is there any special symbol or procedure to determine end of UTF-8
    > string


    > OR just ASCII NULL '\0' is used as it is to indicate that.



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