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Date: Tue Nov 23 2004 - 18:23:25 CST

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    > Hi Mike,

    > You misread my sentence, I think. I did NOT say that C language strings are compatible with UTF-8, but rather that the UTF-8 was
    > designed with compatibility with C language "strings" (char*) in mind. The point of UTF-8 was actually to be compatible with Unix
    > file
    > systems, of course. But one stimulus for the encoding was so that the Plan9 operating system wouldn't have to rewrite the C
    > libraries to deal with UTF-16 (then UCS-2). In other words, my statement is quite correct about the design goals of FSS-UTF,
    > UTF-8's progenitor. See for example:


    > If you read carefully, you'll see the desire to protect the null and \ bytes.

    Maybe, but if you read the unicode standards carefully you'll see they claim compatibility of UTF-8 with ASCII.

    Now, this implies that UTF-8 does interpret U+0000 as an ASCII NULL control char.
    This is incompatible with using it as a string terminator.

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