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From: Peter Kirk (
Date: Wed Nov 24 2004 - 15:01:36 CST

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    On 24/11/2004 20:22, Jony Rosenne wrote:

    >Ketiv and Qere, were two different words are written together, are not plain
    >text and are thus out of scope for Unicode.
    >For Unicode, one could either choose one version or the other or write them
    >both separately.
    The forms I refer to are the ones printed, and before that handwritten,
    in almost every Hebrew Bible. They are the plain text. The separate
    Ketiv and Qere forms are the results of scholarly analysis of the
    printed or handwritten text. If there is anything which is not plain
    text, it is these Ketiv and Qere forms.

    Nevertheless, there is a real demand to reproduce in Unicode the Ketiv
    and Qere forms as well as the forms as printed. See for example, where all three forms are shown (for
    Jeremiah 5:6). It is good therefore that Unicode (with the recently
    approved enhancements) now supports all three forms.

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