current version of unicode font (Open Type) in e-mails

From: Peter R. Mueller-Roemer (
Date: Fri Dec 03 2004 - 03:40:00 CST

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    Thanks for the many replies. I learned that
    Arial Unicode MS version 1.01 is most current and shipped with Office 2003.
    I called it OpenFont. Sorry! I double-clicked on its icon - whith a
    colored "OT" - in \WINDOWS\Fonts again it says after version 1.xx
    "(Opent Type)". I took that to mean Open Source or something more open
    than MS's restrictive policy about it. I still claim it does not
    deserve the label OPEN at present.

    I was disappointed to see only fixed-width or bitmapped unicode fonts
    under Linux, I'll try some.
    Can they just be copied into \WINDOWS\Fonts as is the easiest
    'installation' of ttf-fonts ?
    Vice versa MS-fonts can be installed under Linux, but I have not been
    able to find the right parameters yet.
    With bwhebb.ttf I had success!

    SIL-fonts and TITUS have been called legacy or not up to date in our
    forum and I found them disappointing for my purposes: Predictable
    display and print of sequences of base + combining diacritical sequence
    in ordinary e-mails on all systems.


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