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From: Antoine Leca (
Date: Fri Dec 03 2004 - 08:26:18 CST

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    On Friday, December 03, 2004 13:10, Cristian Secarã va escriure:
    > However, the .ttf fonts that ship with their products are showing an
    > OT icon. I don't know how it's done technically.

    Technically, it is done by including a (valid) 'DSIG' (digital signature)
    subtable into the font file, that is a table whose only aim is to guarantee
    that the fontfile has been unaltered (using cryptographic seals as used for
    certificated e-mails).

    The interesting thing is that while the specification for this 'DSIG' table
    is part of OpenType, it is completely unrelated to what people usually
    associates with this technology, that is the possibility to have complex
    script and advanced typography support (see my previous post for details,
    since I did the mistake myself ;-).) Neither it is related to the fact (also
    introduced by the OpenType specifications) to have the outlines and hints
    stored in Postscript format (rather than the traditional TrueType format)

    As a result, having the nice-looking OT on a font is misleading, it just
    means the designer have paid Verisign for a class 3 certificate and signed
    its font. And last but not least it ensures you the font has not been
    modified (I am hoping Windows is actually checking the seal, but when I
    thought a bit more I am not 100% sure, since this is a process that is
    somewhat time-consuming, and it does not appear to me that Windows is less
    quick to draw the content of this folder...)


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