Re: Arial Unicode MS

From: John H. Jenkins (
Date: Mon Dec 06 2004 - 19:07:08 CST

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    On Dec 6, 2004, at 10:23 AM, Johannes Bergerhausen wrote:

    > From some discussions here i learned that Arial Unicode MS contains
    > about 50.000 glyphs,
    > which is about the size of characters encoded in Unicode 2.0 and was
    > shipped the last
    > time bundled with Office for Windows 2003.
    > A Pan-Unicode-Font is a beautiful idea.
    > Why Microsoft/Monotype stopped the developpement of further versions?
    The TrueType and OpenType font formats do not allow a font to contain
    more than about 65,000 glyphs. Since there are well over 65,000
    characters in Unicode, plus additional glyphic forms that would be
    necessary for proper support for various scripts, it is no longer
    possible to produce a single font like Arial Unicode MS.

    There are other issues -- making a single typeface which covers all the
    scripts in Unicode and has a common esthetic design is really not
    possible; loading a huge font can consume a significant chunk of the
    resources on a system, most of which is wasted; and so on.

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