Re: US-ASCII (was: Re: Invalid UTF-8 sequences)

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Date: Fri Dec 10 2004 - 01:23:34 CST

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    > Yes, of course it was a joke. Rest assured, if I perceive any kind of bias
    > in Unicode, I shall say so directly and unambiguously. From my perspective
    > (which is /itself/ biased by my cultural upbringing) I perceive no bias,
    > so let's just drop that.

    What I /intended/ to try to convey was the feeling that, to my British ears,
    the habit of referring to ASCII as "US-ASCII" sounds ridiculous, in exactly
    the same way that referring to Unicode as "US-Unicode" would sound
    ridiculous. So it was actually more like an analogy than a joke. If any
    criticism was present, it referred to the redundant "US-" prefix in
    "US-ASCII", not to Unicode, and even that wasn't really criticism, just my
    lack of understanding /why/.

    Hope that's now clear.

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