Re: Nicest UTF

From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Fri Dec 10 2004 - 21:15:17 CST

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    From: "D. Starner" <>
    > Okay, I'm confused. Does &#8814; open a tag? Does it matter if it's
    > composed or
    > decomposed?

    It does not open a XML tag.
    It does matter if it's composed (won't open a tag) or decomposed (will open
    a tag, but with a combining character, invalid as an identifier start)

    Conclusion1: blind normalizations of XML documents, as if they were
    plain-text documents, can break the XML well-formedness of these
    documents.... This is caused by the fact that plain-text documents can be
    parsed by units of grapheme clusters or combining sequences. But XML parsing
    stops at the one-codepoint character level, and ignores canonical
    Conclusion2: XML documents are not plain-text documents.

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