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Date: Mon Dec 13 2004 - 09:55:28 CST

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    > Did you make a formal proposal for NBSP, as Elaine did for Samaritan ?

    > I have studied unicode's uniqueness-rules, bidi-algorithm and many

    > others and feel almost overwhelmed by finding new types of rules that

    > might have a bearing on a particular combining sequence. Is there

    > no UTC-place or person to whom one can just describe a practical

    > problem and hear if there are any rules that will ensure better

    > solutions in the future.


    > Some of the answers I got to my questions show that very knowledgeable

    > people are in this group, and some of them have similar problems with

    > getting any 'official' response.


    Peter RM: what questions are you not getting answers on?




    > I think that Unicode is only crowning, i.e. has not yet been completely

    > born, if official communication with the UTC is restricted to

    > US-ascii-mail.


    How did you come to the conclusion that official communication is limited to US-ascii-mail? Certainly mail on this list is not limited to US-ASCII, though some members have appeared to be on paths that impose such a limit.





    Peter C

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