RE: Roundtripping in Unicode

From: Mike Ayers (
Date: Tue Dec 14 2004 - 17:29:11 CST

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    > More simply, I think that it's an error to have the encoding
    > part of any locale... The system should not depend on them,
    > and for critical things like filesystem volumes, the encoding
    > should be forced by the filesystem itself, and applications
    > should mandatorily follow the filesystem rules.

            It doesn't, it is, and they do.

            The rule is "No zero, no eight".

            The problem is that these valid filenames can't all be translated as
    valid UTF-8 Unicode.

    > Now think about the web itself: it's really a filesystem,

            No. It isn't.

    > with billions users, or trillion applications using
    > simultaneously hundreds or thousands of incompatible
    > encodings... Many resources on the web seem to have valid
    > URLs for some users but not for others, until URLs are made
    > independant to any user locale, and then not considered as
    > encoded plain-text but only as strings of bytes.

            I thought that URLs were specified to be in Unicode. Am I mistaken?


    P.S. [OT} Note the below autoattachment. I recall that we discussed such
    clauses on the list some time ago with regard to their legal standing. Does
    anyone have a pointer to substantive material on the subject? I've gotten
    curious again, 'natch.

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