RE: Roundtripping in Unicode

From: D. Starner (
Date: Wed Dec 15 2004 - 05:51:19 CST

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    "Arcane Jill" writes:

    > The obvious solution is for all Unix machines everywhere to be using the same locale - and it
    > had better be UTF-8. But an instantaneous global switch-over is never going to happen, so we see
    > this gradual switch-over ... and it is during this transition phase that Lars's problem
    > manifests.

    The only solution is (a) to use ASCII or (b) to make the switch over as quick
    and clean as possible. Anyone who wants to create new files in UTF-8 and leave
    their old files in the old encoding is asking for trouble. There's no magic
    bullet, and complaining here as much as you want won't help. If you're a
    system administrator, explain that to the people using your system, and
    treat stupid responses just like you would any LART-worthy response.

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