RE: Roundtripping in Unicode

From: Lars Kristan (
Date: Wed Dec 15 2004 - 08:59:54 CST

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    D. Starner wrote:
    > The only solution is (a) to use ASCII or (b) to make the
    > switch over as quick
    > and clean as possible. Anyone who wants to create new files
    > in UTF-8 and leave
    > their old files in the old encoding is asking for trouble.
    > There's no magic
    > bullet, and complaining here as much as you want won't help.
    > If you're a
    > system administrator, explain that to the people using your
    > system, and
    > treat stupid responses just like you would any LART-worthy response.

    A lone IT guy in a small company is not really in a position to take that
    stance. His user is also his boss. And it gets more complicated when
    thousands of systems in a network are involved. And if guys in the IT
    department realize the risks, and know they will be blamed for any
    inconvenience? Perhaps they will decide that the switch to UTF-8 is not
    really needed in their company. Though, some users will start using UTF-8 on
    their own. And come complaining about the problems. And IT will again try to
    balance what to do. Except now it's even worse, since not all filenames are
    in Latin 1. And so on.


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