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Date: Fri Dec 17 2004 - 02:55:40 CST

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    This probably doesn't make any difference, Peter, but just so we're talking
    the same language as each other, I had actually defined f() to return a
    stream of Unicode characters, not a stream of UTF-16 code units, so I would
    have written this as:

    UTF-16(f(s8)) = UTF-16(utf_8_decode(s8))

    which simplifies to

    f(s8) = utf_8_decode(s8)

    This is probably not terribly important to your argument - I guess you've
    defined your f differently from mine - but it is good to keep the code units
    versus code points distinction, for clarity.


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    3. for all valid UTF-8 strings s8, f(s8) = UTF-16(s8)

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