Re: Kurdish gaf variant

From: Philipp Reichmuth (
Date: Thu Dec 30 2004 - 04:50:04 CST

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    John Hudson schrieb:
    > I wonder if anyone has any insight on whether this form is still in use,
    > favoured or not favoured, and whether it might be appropriate for any
    > languages other than Kurdish?

    Does the Linotype manual say anything about the specific flavour of
    Kurdish orthography where this glyph appears? IIRC the Iranian Kurdish
    orthography uses the regular, "Farsi-style" gaf. Your version looks an
    Arabic-influenced style, probably from Syria or Iraq.

    I remember seeing this style of gaf once in a handwritten Arabic ad from
    Syria for something with a "g" in its name. I can't remember what it
    was, though. I guess most persons used to the Arabic style of final and
    isolated kaf would prefer writing gaf your way in handwriting,
    regardless of language. The style of gaf corresponds to that of kaf. I
    had a student once in a Farsi course in Germany who had learned Arabic
    beforehand; he continued to use the Arabic style of kaf for Farsi and
    wrote the gaf with an extra squiggle as well.


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