Re: Myanmar script, Pali language and other unencoded conjuncts or punctuations

From: Antoine Leca (
Date: Mon Jan 03 2005 - 02:13:59 CST

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    On Friday, December 31st, 2004 11:52Z, Philippe Verdy va escriure:
    > Are there sources available for an exhaustive list of contextual
    > forms and conjuncts used in the Myanmar script?

    You should know that "exhaustive lists" are kind of impossible with
    virama-based scripts.

    > I can easily find fonts for the Myanmar/Pali script, (none of them
    > mapped to Unicode),

    Look after MyaZedi (

    > and most of them contain symbols and conjuncts
    > that appear nowhere in the Unicode standard. My interpretation of
    > these symbols is that most of them could be used to write Pali and
    > Mon languages, but they are not used directly to write Burmese.

    Well, this is not how I see things. In fact, I fail to find fonts which have
    glyphs outside those for the Burmese language, besides the codepoints
    already listed in The Unicode Standard at U+105x...

    Chris gave a very interessant link that have a lot of material, either
    directly or linked. I found that a newer form seems to exist at

    Happy New Year to everybody,


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