Re: ISO 10646 compliance and EU law

From: Kenneth Whistler (
Date: Wed Jan 05 2005 - 13:37:06 CST

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    Philippe said some interesting things about the status of
    EU recommendations, Directives, etc., but...

    > For example, an application exchanging data encoded with the GB18030 charset
    > will be conforming, provided that it restricts itself to using only the
    > intersection of the GB18030 repertoire and the ISO/IEC 10646 repertoire.

    This is false. An application exchanging data encoded with GB18030 may
    be conforming to the GB18030 standard, but it is not thereby conformant
    to ISO/IEC 10646. If it exchanges a LATIN LETTER A WITH ACUTE with
    the byte sequence <A8 A2>, then it is indeed conforming to GB18030, but
    that is not a conformant representation of LATIN LETTER A WITH ACUTE
    in any encoding form for ISO/IEC 10646 (or the Unicode Standard).

    You are confusing the possibility of interoperability between GB18030
    data (and applications) and Unicode data (and applications) with
    the issues of conformance to particular standards.
    > (Since now the mapping between GB18030 and ISO/IEC 10646 is well defined and
    > closed,

    False. Both GB18030 and ISO/IEC 10646 will be amended in the future,
    and mappings will change, and neither has (in principle) a closed repertoire.

    > the only way for the repertoire associated to GB18030 to be extended
    > is that the repertoire in ISO/IEC 10646 is extended).

    False. What appears (in the future) in GB18030 will depend on what
    the Chinese standards organization decides to put in it. That is up
    to them, as it is their standard, and not an ISO standard.


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