Re: ISO 10646 compliance and EU law

From: Philipp Reichmuth (
Date: Wed Jan 05 2005 - 18:35:57 CST

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    Kenneth Whistler schrieb:
    >>>I wouldn't rule this out entirely. For example, I know one attempt
    >>>to implement a Tibetan font where the underlying representation was
    >>>Latin (Wylie), and the Tibetan glyphs were generated from the Latin
    >>>transliteration using OpenType rules
    > I presume Philipp Reichmuth was talking about:

    Actually I wasn't; I was referring to an in-house project at our
    institute for Central Asian Studies, a derivative of the fonts from Newer
    versions use "proper" Unicode Tibetan codepoints instead, for obvious
    interoperability reasons.

    The underlying plain text is perfectly Unicode conformant; after all,
    it's only Latin, and the standard isn't concerned about glyphs and their
    meaning. I guess this is "nonconformant" only in that it somehow defeats
    the purpose of Unicode.


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