RE: Unicode-Windows support in Mobile Phone

From: Mustafa Jabbar (
Date: Sat Jan 15 2005 - 03:58:11 CST

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    Selling to the operator is not the issue. We need to implement the language
    Thanks and regards
    Mustafa Jabbar

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    Ken Krugler wrote:

    > In addition, even though an increasing number of mobile devices use
    > Unicode as the base encoding, the font/layout/rendering support code
    > would also need to handle the target languages. And you'd need some way
    > of installing additional fonts, which is often a problem on mobile
    > devices, since carriers aren't very excited about allowing users to
    > easily extend the OS.

    If you could figure out a way carriers could sell fonts and language
    support the way they do ring-tones - and charge by the month for the use
      - I suspect they might be interested in that.

    - Chris

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