Re: Re: 32'nd bit & UTF-8

From: Philippe VERDY (
Date: Tue Jan 18 2005 - 16:16:31 CST

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    > If one should philosophize on the question of general multi-byte encodings
    > (or rather "transformation formats"), then UTF-BSS uses a leading byte the
    > number of bytes displayed in a unary number format, numbers of base 1. In
    > fact, in a computer, it is more efficient to use binary numbers :-), so I
    > would probably put a binary number there for instead. One could still use
    > the unary number idea in order to indicate the length of the binary numbers.

    If I want to philosophe, the only UNARY number that exists is ZERO.
    Unary number(s!) is not making an arithmetic.
    I suppose you meant BINARY throughout... because numbers of base 1 DON'T EXIST!

    (just ask yourself what is the definition of a base for numbers, and think about powers of this base to scale each digit: 1^n equals 1 for scaling every digit position n, so all digits scale by the same factor. To be a unique representation of numbers in that system, the only satisfying integer is zero...)

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